re-orienting our lives

Each year that we publish "Salt of the Earth: A Christian Seasons Calendar" we take delight in discovering the ways in which word spreads and the calendar finds its way into the hands of some who have not seen it before. This year has once again brought surprising new connections. Richard Beck at Experimental Theology and Chris Smith at the Englewood Review of Books included news about the Christian Seasons Calendar on their blogs while Linda Parriott arranged an interview about the calendar for a podcast that is now available online at Clayfire Media. We're encouraged whenever and wherever this way of re-orienting our lives within an alternative calendar that tells a surprising story of hope and of God's power to make new on the other side of trouble, oppression, suffering and even death itself resonates and takes hold.


  1. Thanks for this, Ed - great job! I have been thinking that in the end the question Jesus will ask us will not be, "Did you follow the Christian Seasons Calendar?" but it is my hope that the calendar will have been a tool to help us answer in the affirmative the question Jesus will likely ask us, "Did you follow me?"

  2. Using the calendar does reorient you to 'kairos' time. It takes a while to get used not changing pages at month's end. When you flip the page you are reminded of our place in the cycle of the church year and our place in retelling the story of salvation. Having the lexionary readings there is wonderful too. I am blessed to have had art in the calendar that last two years. It's a wonderful place for Christian artists to share their work!